DM Full Form : What is the Full Form of DM ?

DM Full Form -If you want to know What is the Full Form of DM then you may read this article to know all full forms here in this post you can find all detail.

DM Full Form

FullForm is here –

In Government ServiceDistrict Magistrate
In Hindiडिस्ट्रिक्ट मजिस्ट्रेट
In MedicalDoctor of Medicine
In MathsDecimeter
In InstagramDirect Message
In ChatDirect Message (Private Message)
In PoliceDistrict Magistrate
In WhatsappDirect Message

Detail Explanation of Fullform of DM

There are many FullForm of DM according to the category which are given above in the table. We have covered almost all the FullForm of DM in this article. So, if you are looking for any particular full form then you may definitely find in this article and there will be some details of the fullform for you better understanding.

Full Form of DM in Government Service

DM Full Form – District Magistrate

As you all know that There is a DM in every district of a State who is appointed by the State Government for the welfare of its District and maintain the Law and Order. If you want to know how to become DM then you should know that many people from all over the world appear in the examination conducted by UPSC. Candidates Apply for UPSC and clear the exam of UPSC and become DM which is also known as District Magistrate. DM को हिंदी में जिला अधिकारी भी कहा जाता है |

Full Form of DM in Medical

DM Full Form – Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine is a postgraduate specialised course, which can be pursued after completing the MBBS. This degree is given by the Medical School.

Full Form of DM in Maths

DM FullForm – Decimeter

There is a word Decimeter which is also used “DM” as a short form in the mathematics. Decimeter is a unit for measuring length.

Full Form of DM in Instagram

DM Full Form – Direct Message

These days, everyone is using the Instagram App and they always hear this “DM me” but they don’t know the FullForm of DM. I hope, you have known the full form now which is “Direct Message”. It is basically means that let’s start chatting on Instagram.

Full Form of DM in Whatsapp

DM FullForm – Direct Message

If you are using the Whatsapp then your friends or colleagues might have told you “Hey DM me on whatsapp” and you never knew the full form then don’t worry, The fullform of DM is Direct Message.

Summary – This is all about the DM FullForm. I have shared almost all the FullForm of DM in this article and I have also explain a bit about those full form according to the different categories.

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FAQ’s DM Full Form

What is the FullForm of DM in Government Service ?

The fullform of DM is District Magistrate.

What is the FullForm of DM in Instagram ?

The fullform of DM in instagram is Direct Message.

What is the FullForm of DM in Medical ?

The fullform of DM in medical is Doctor of Medicine.

What is the Duty of DM ?

DM is District Magistrate means he/she is the officer of the district. DM has the responsibility to maintain the law and order in the district. DM can take strict action against any violence and any criminal.

DM को हिंदी में क्या कहते है ?

DM को हिंदी में जिला अधिकारी कहते है |

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